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QOS Tool

This tool will help you create some basic QOS for MikroTik routers. To use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Internet Connection Details

Fill in all the blanks for the details of your internet connection. Interface names must match your router and are case sensitive. Everything else is optional.
Upload Speed(bps)
WAN Inteface
LAN Inteface
Download Speed (bps)
Percent Guaranteed to
Higher Priority Traffic (20% default):

Per User Rate Limits
Comment User Subnet Max Upload (bps) Max Download (bps)    

VOIP Details
DSCP Bits to prioritize
IP Addresses of All VOIP Gateways
General SIP trafic ports

Services List (add,change,or delete to customize)
Comment Protocol Port Priority    

Step 2: Download your config and import. The tutorial below will show you how to import a config file.

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Tutorial 1: How to Import Your New Configuration

The tools above will present you with a script file you can download to your computer. Once downloaded, copy the file to your router's files list and import from the comand line. This tutorial will show you how to import a configuration file.